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Updated: Tuesday, June 25, 2019   Author: Chelsie @ GoFreebies

The 27 BEST freebies I have ever received!

I've spent the past 9 years browsing the web for companies giving away free samples of their products.

You can find lots of great freebies online but it helps when someone has filtered out all the junk, and that's what I've tried to do for you here.

Below you'll find 27 of the BEST free samples and offers I've ever seen!

How is this stuff free?

These companies want you to try their products in hopes that you will like them and want to buy more the next time you're out shopping.

I don't give away samples myself - I just do the work of finding which offers are real and which are too good to be true. Everything below has passed my quality checks, I highly recommend you check them out right now!

1) Free Recipes, Coupons and Samples from Pillsbury
Free Recipes, Coupons and Samples from Pillsbury

Sign up for Pillsbury emails to receive up to $250 in yearly coupons, access to free product samples (quantities limited, one per member) and the easiest recipes sent right to your inbox.

2) Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Samples
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Samples

Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser can handle the toughest stain you can throw at it. Use the versatile Magic Eraser on just about any surface and you'll be amazed how easy it is to do such a good job. Request your free sample right now.

3) Free Bag of Amora Coffee
Free Bag of Amora Coffee

Amora is a monthly coffee club that rewards its members with all kinds of freebies. You'll get your first bag of their premium coffee for free when you sign up, and it comes with a silver-plated coffee scoop! Choose your favorite roast and flavor!

4) Adidas Socks
Adidas Socks

These socks are super comfy! They're great as athletic wear or even just for wearing around the house. For a limited time you can get some cushioned Women's Performance socks by Adidas for free. Request yours now!

5) Free Red Lobster Gift Cards - Claim Here!
Free Red Lobster Gift Cards - Claim Here!

Endless Shrimp, Cheddar Bay Biscuits, a huge Admiral's Feast seafood platter, and all for FREE! Red Lobster gift cards are ready to be claimed right now! Limited amounts will be given out - Click here to request yours now!.

6) Try Body Lotion by Nivea for Free
Try Body Lotion by Nivea for Free

This freebie is for anyone that is tired of having dry itchy skin. Nivea is offering free samples of their in-shower cocoa butter 24hr+ body lotion. The in-shower lotion will moisturize your skin right in the shower without the sticky lotion feel. Try it today for free!

7) $1,000 Free at Macy's -- Claim Entry!
$1,000 Free at Macy's -- Claim Entry!

A new Macy's sweepstakes is here! They are giving out $1,000 to use at Macy's locations across the nation. The winner can spend it on clothes, jewelry, accessories and more.

8) Free Tactical Flashlight

This flashlight could save your life. The T2000 flashlight has 5 different modes including an essential S.O.S. mode in case of emergencies, and zoom functions that adjust the shape of your light-beam. It's free for you today, just pay for shipping.

9) Get $10 Free from eBates

eBates is one of the coolest offers on this list. They make it very easy for you to earn cash back when you shop online, without any extra effort on your part! Plus, you'll receive a free $10 gift card from the store of your choice after you sign up and make your first purchase.

10) Free Honest Co Diapers & Wipes
Free Honest Co Diapers & Wipes

There's been a lot of buzz about the Honest Company in the news lately. Their diapers are all-natural and super cute! You can try their diapers and wipes for free right now, just pay for shipping.

11) Browse Old Yearbooks for Free
Browse Old Yearbooks for Free

Have you heard of Classmates before? They have the largest collection of High School Yearbooks online (Over 300,000!). It is pretty cool and is simple to use. You can find old high school friends, view their photos and profiles, communicate and see where everyone is now. There's even a reunion tool for planning your next get together.

12) Free Horoscope from SoClear

Brighten up your day with inspirational quotes, thought-provoking insight, interesting horoscopes and more from SoClear. Today�s horoscopes are now ready to view.

13) Get Free Magazine Subscriptions

Rolling Stone, Forbes, ESPN, GQ, Self. These are just some of the titles you can choose from for free! If you're willing to spend 5 minutes taking a survey, you can choose a free magazine subscription as a reward. I've done this 3 times already and love it!

14) Free - ZONNIC Stop Smoking Aids

ZONNIC�s Stop Smoking Aids help wean smokers off of their cigarette addiction safely and effectively over a course of weeks. They work by helping to curb difficult nicotine withdrawals.

15) Emergen-C Drink Supplement Samples

Get your vitamins! Emergen-C wants you to try their vitamin supplement drink mixes for free. They're offering samples of both the Emergen-C Original mix (the orange flavor) and the Immunue+ mix with vitamin D to anyone who requests them. Emergen-C is packed with B vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin C than 10 oranges!

16) Free Birthday Gift from Sephora

Addicted to beauty? Join Sephora's Beauty Insider Club today to get access to free beauty classes and more. Plus, they'll send you a free gift on your birthday!

17) Pet Safety Kit from ASPCA

Because pet safety matters, too! The ASPCA wants to send you a free Pet Safety Kit. The kit includes a window decal to alert rescue personnel that pets are inside in the event of an emergency.

18) Subway - Free 6" Sub

One of my favorites! Subway will give you a 6" sub for free when you purchase a drink. You just have to sign up for their free deals newsletter first.

19) Free Gillette Razors
Free Gillette Razors

Gillette is sending out free razors for a limited time! Professionally designed to give the smoothest shave possible, you can't go wrong - especially when they are free! Click here for a free sample!

20) Get a Free Tshirt from Thit

Ok, so I don't know what Thit is yet but I do know they are giving away free t-shirts! Simply sign up to be one of the first to hear about Thit when they launch and they'll give you a free t-shirt.

21) Claim a Free Pillbox from GoodRX!

GoodRX is offering free Pillboxes to those that request them right now. This allows you to organize your pills in advance so you can make sure you never miss a single day - Grab yours here!

22) Thousands of Free Workout Videos!

Take advantage of this while you can! There are THOUSANDS of exercise and workout videos available to you for free through Amazon!

23) Get Free McDonald�s Food and More

Each week McDonald�s offers new deals and coupons, including free food at locations near you! In the past they�ve offered free Big Macs, Shakes, Fries and more.

24) Send Free KIND Bars to your Friends!

Celebrate with an act of KINDness! This one is really cool, KIND will send out free fruit & nut bars to your friends. Send them a KIND e-card and they can claim their free sample.

25) Up to $30 of Savings from Burger King

Save $30 immediately by downloading Burger King's mobile app here. Their free coupons include buy one get one free burgers & more! Download the BK app now so you can use these the next time you're out and about!

26) AQUA+ Skincare Sample

AQUA+ reduces the appearance of wrinkles and contains a powerful antioxidant for deeper skin protection, making it one of the best moisturizers for dry skin! They are giving out free samples for a very limited time. Get yours here!

27) Free Compostable Coffee Pod Sample

I know K-cups are convenient, but they're also very wasteful! I was very happy to discover PurPod - the world's first 100% compostable single serve coffee pod. Sign up for their coffee club emails and they'll send you a free sample.

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