About Us

Who we are
GoFreebies.com is an online directory of "freebies". We take links to freebies that our visitors submit to us and post them in our directory. Oh yeah, we also give out free prizes to our newsletter subscribers.

What's a freebie?
Simple! A freebie is something that is free. Freebies are usually provided as part of a promotion that an advertiser or marketer wants to offer you. Have you ever seen those radio stations that give out free keychains and bumper stickers? Or have you ever seen those little ladies in your local grocery store that hand out free samples of snacks or other products? All of those are freebies. Advertisers want to try to promote their products to you, and the best (and usually cheapest) way to do that is to give it out for free!

Is this legitimate?
We'd like to think so. We want to provide to you the best quality links possible. We get our links from submissions by our visitors (Contact us if you would like to submit one). We do a lot of legwork to verify that the links are to real sites, that they have a reputation, and that the offer really is for free. Before you see a link on our website, we've tried to make sure it's legit. Once a link is posted, members can vote or flag a freebie. Freebies and advertisements that get lots of "bad flags" are taken down automatically, no questions asked. So, even if we are wrong and we add a link that's not as legit as we thought it was, our members will let us know very quickly and we'll correct it. Links that are older and rated higher are much more likely to be good, solid quality freebies.

What's this newsletter thing?
If you sign up, we'll enter you in for a chance to win our daily prize. Usually, daily prizes are something simple and sweet, such as a $10 gift card to an online retailer. We'll also send you all the newest freebies directly to your email every weekday!

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